Early Late Key Drop Service Kits for Narrow Envelopes

Provides easy start up for 24/7 drop off service.
As Low As $99.00 per Kit
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  • Kit includes dispenser, envelopes, drop slot, sign and key tags.
  • Durable, eye catching display provides simple instructions in your absence.
  • Clear plastic box with lift up lid keeps envelopes visible and easily accessible.
  • Drop slot allows envelopes with keys to drop inside your business.
As low as $99.00 per Kit

Early Bird Key Drop Systems allow customers to drop off their vehicles at any hour, so you can increase customer satisfaction, sales and profits at your dealership or repair shop. Your choice of Mechanical Envelopes with check boxes for common services or Standard Envelopes with plenty of writing space for the customer comments. This all-in-1 money saving kit includes everything you need to make 24/7 drops offs easy.

Money Saving Early Late Key Drop Kit includes:
- 1 Early Late Dispenser Unit (Item EBD1824) Includes simple instructions and envelopes.
- 100 Mechanical or Standard Early Bird Key Drop Envelopes, your choice (Items EBE49M or EBE49S)
- 1 Drop Slot (Item EBM9), 1 Sign (Item EBS102) Customers drop their keys inside your business to keep them safe.
- 1000 Vinyl Key Tags (Item BFA19YEL) A dealer favorite for easy use and being organized.

  • 18" W x 24" H
  • Material
  • Please allow 1-5 business days for shipping.
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