Air Compressor for Reusable Balloons

The quick and easy way to inflate Reusable Vinyl Balloons!
Only $35.00 each
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  • Economical 120v Electric Air Pump!
  • Use to inflate or deflate Reusable Balloons.
Only $35.00 each

This economical and portable Air Compressor makes it easy to inflate or deflate Reusable Vinyl Balloons for your Car Dealership or Auto Repair Shop!

3 Easy Steps:
1. Remove white plug from Reusable Balloon.
2. Insert nozzle of Compressor into hole in Balloon.
3. Once inflated, seal in air with the white plug.

  • Includes detachable hose with 4 nozzles.
  • Lightweight and portable for easy operation.
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