Balloon Column Kits

This innovative combination of latex and reusable balloons is sure to bring in more traffic.
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  • Easy to assemble - NO helium required!
  • Jumbo Reusable Balloon lasts 3 months! 
  • Available in 5 color combinations including patriotic, multi-colored, tropical, autumn and holiday. 
As low as $125.00 each

These eye-catching and innovative Balloon Column Kits are perfect for highlighting your entrance and special vehicles on your lot and in your showroom. Each kit includes 100 premium latex balloons and 1 jumbo reusable vinyl balloon with 86" tall pole and base. 

Patriotic Kit: red, white and blue latex balloons and blue reusable vinyl balloon.

Multi Color Kit: orange, yellow, blue, red, pink, and green latex balloons and a red reusable vinyl balloon.

Tropical Kit: pink, lime, yellow, orange and blue latex balloons. Lime Jumbo Reusable Balloon.

Autumn Kit: green, orange, red, yellow, burgundy, brown and goldenrod latex balloons and a orange reusable vinyl balloon.

Holiday Kit: red and white latex balloons and a green reusable vinyl balloon.

To assemble:

  1. Fill base with sand or water.
  2. Insert pole into base and tighten.
  3. Snap plastic cup onto stem.
  4. Snap reusable balloon onto stem.
  5. Remove white plug from reusable balloon, inflate and reinsert plug.
  6. Attach stem to pole.
  7. Inflate latex balloons using any manual or electric pump.
  8. Tie together in pairs.
  9. Twist together 2 pairs to form a set of 4.
  10. Slide sets around pole and continue stacking them. (A step stool may be needed.)


  • 100 biodegradable Latex Balloons and 1 Jumbo Reusable Balloon with pole and base.
  • 9' 6"
  • 27" diameter
  • 17" diameter
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